Article Code : 13930807152922820(DOI : 10.7508/jist.2015.01.007)

Article Title : SRR shape dual band CPW-fed monopole antenna for WiMAX / WLAN applications

Journal Number : 9 Winter 2015

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  Full Name Email Grade Degree Corresponding Author
1 Zahra Mansouri - M.Sc
2 Ramezan Ali Sadeghzadeh Professor PhD
3 Maryam Rahimi - -
4 Ferdows Zarrabi - M.Sc


CPW structure is became common structure for UWB and multi band antenna design and SRR structure is well-known kind of metamaterial that has been used in antenna and filter design for multi band application. In this paper, a SRR dual band monopole antenna with CPW-fed for WLAN and WiMAX is presented. The prototype antenna is designed for wireless communication such as WLAN and WIMAX respectively at 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. The HFSS and CST microwave studio are used to simulate the prototype antenna for two different FEM and time domain method and they have also been compared with the experimental results. The total size of the antenna is 60mm×55mm×1.6mm and it is fabricated on FR-4 low cost substrate. The antenna is connected to a 50 Ω CPW feed line. Its bandwidth is around 3% for 2.45 GHz (2.4-2.5 GHz) and 33% for 5.15GHz (4.3-6 GHz).Its limited bandwidth in 2.4 GHz frequency is benefit for power saving at indoor application. The antenna has 2-7 dBi gain in the mentioned bands with an Omni-directional pattern. The antenna experimental result shows good similarity to simulation kind for return loss and pattern. Here, the effect of parasitic SRR on current distribution has been studied in presence and absence of parasitic element. The simulation of polarization is confirmed that the antenna has linear polarization. Here comparison between antenna return losses in absence of each parasitic element is presented.