Article Code : 13930729118582769(DOI : 10.7508/jist.2013.02.003)

Article Title : A Wideband Low-Noise Downconversion Mixerwith Positive-Negative Feedbacks

Journal Number : 2 Spring 2013

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1 Hadi Naderian - M.Sc
2 Ahmad Hakimi Professor PhD


This paper presents a wideband low-noise mixer in CMOS 0.13-um technology that operates between 2–10.5 GHz. The mixer has a Gilbert cell configuration that employs broadband low-noise trans conductors designed using the negative-positive feedback technique used in low-noise amplifier designs. This method allows broadband input matching. The current-bleeding technique is also used so that a high conversion gain can be achieved. Simulation results show excellent noise and gain performance across the frequency span with an average double-sideband noise figure of 2.9 dB and a conversion gain of 15.5 dB. It has a third-order intermodulation intercept point of -8.7 dBm at 5 GHz.