Article Code : 139308191650282826(DOI : 10.7508/jist.2015.02.005)

Article Title : A Fast and Accurate Sound Source Localization Method using Optimal Combination of SRP and TDOA Methodologies

Journal Number : 10 Spring 2015

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1 Mohammad Ranjkesh Eskolaki - M.Sc
2 Reza Hasanzadeh Associate Professor PhD


This paper presents an automatic sound source localization approach based on combination of the basic time delay estimation sub method namely, Time Difference of Arrival (TDOA), and Steered Response Power (SRP) methods. The TDOA method is a fast but vulnerable approach to find sound source location in long distances and reverberant environments and so sensitive in noisy situations, on the other hand the conventional SRP method is time consuming but successful approach to accurately find sound source location in noisy and reverberant environment. Also another SRP based method namely SRP Phase Transform (SRP-PHAT) has been suggested for better noise robustness and more accuracy of sound source localization. In this paper, based on the combination of TDOA and SRP based methods, two approaches proposed for sound source localization. In the first proposed approach which is named Classical TDOA-SRP, the TDOA method is used to find approximate sound source direction and then SRP based methods used to find the accurate location of sound source in the Field of View (FOV) which is obtained through the TDOA method. In the second proposed approach which is named Optimal TDOA-SRP, for more reduction of computational time of processing of SRP based methods and better noise robustness, a new criteria has been proposed to find the effective FOV which is obtained through the TDOA method. Experiments carried out under different conditions confirm the validity of the purposed approaches.