Article Code : 13940214191722837(DOI : 10.7508/jist.2015.04.006)

Article Title : Automatic Construction of Domain Ontology Using Wikipedia and Enhancing it by Google Search Engine

Journal Number : 12 Autumn 2015

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1 Sedigheh Khalatbari Graduate M.Sc


The foundation of the Semantic Web are ontologies. Ontologies play the main role in the exchange of information and development of the Lexical Web to the Semantic Web. Manual construction of ontologies is time-consuming, expensive, and dependent on the knowledge of domain engineers. Also, Ontologies that have been extracted automatically from corpus on the Web might have incomplete information. The main objective of this study is describing a method to improve and expand the information of the ontologies. Therefore, this study first discusses the automatic construction of prototype ontology in animals’ domain from Wikipedia and then a method is presented to improve the built ontology. The proposed method of improving ontology expands ontology concepts through Bootstrapping methods using a set of concepts and relations in initial ontology and with the help of the Google search engine. A confidence measure was considered to choose the best option from the returned results by Google. Finally, the experiments showed the information that was obtained using the proposed method is twice more than the information that was obtained at the stage of automatic construction of ontology from Wikipedia.