Article Code : 13950208151392054(DOI : 10.7508/jist.2016.01.007)

Article Title : A Novel Ultra-Broad Band, High Gain, and Low Noise Distributed Amplifier Using Modified Regulated Cascode Configuration (MRGC) Gain-Cell

Journal Number : 13 Winter 2016

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1 Zainab Baharvand Graduate PhD.Student
2 Ahmad Hakimi Professor PhD


In this paper, an ultra-broad bandwidth, low noise, and high gain-flatness CMOS distributed amplifier (CMOS-DA) based on a novel gain-cell is presented. The new gain-cell that enhances the output impedance as a result the gain substantially over conventional RGC is the improved version of Regulated Cascode Configuration (RGC). The new gain-cell based CMOS-DA is analyzed and simulated in the standard 0.13 μm-CMOS technology. The simulated results of the proposed CMOS-DA are included 14.2 dB average power gain with less than ± 0.5 dB fluctuations over the 3-dB bandwidth of 23 GHz while the simulated input and output return losses (S11 and S22) are less than -10 dB. The IIP3 and input referred 1-dB compression point are simulated at 15 GHz and achieved +8 dBm and -6.34 dBm, respectively. The average noise figure (NF) in the entire interest band has a low value of 3.65 dB, and the DC power dissipation is only 45.63 mW. The CMOS-DA is powered by 0.9 V supply voltage. Additionally, the effect of parameters variation on performance specifications of the proposed design is simulated by Monte Carlo simulations to ensure that the desired accuracy is yielded.