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Article Title : Investigating the Effect of Functional and Flexible Information Systems on Supply Chain Operation: Iran Automotive Industry

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Journal Number : 19 Summer 2017

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1 abbas zareian Graduate M.Sc
2 Iraj Mahdavi Professor PhD
3 Hamed Fazlollahtabar Assistant Professor PhD


In today's competitive world, the competition is not between companies, rather than it is between their supply chains. Therefore, supply chain plays an important role in companies' success in competition with other companies and their competitors and it is very important for companies to find ways to increase supply chain performance. The purpose of present study was to create an alignment and coordination structure between the strategies of information systems and supply chain strategies in order to improve the performance of supply chain. Two structures have been specially investigated. In the first structure, the alignment between strategy of efficient information systems (supporting interagency effectiveness and inter-organizational effectiveness) and pure strategy (based on cost reduction and a focus on improving processes) has been investigated. In the other structure, alignment between flexible Information System Strategy (empower companies to achieve rapid market and strategic decision support) and the agile strategies (effective presence in the competitive market and the ability to cost-effective rapid response to unpredictable changes in the market) has been investigated. In the study, it has been showed how efficient information systems (flexible) lead to improvement and enhancement of the relationship between pure supply chain strategy (agile) and supply chain performance. Finally it has been showed how supply chain improvement leads to improvement of company performance.