Article Code : 139510251049504614(DOI : 10.7508/jist.2016.04.007)

Article Title : High-Resolution Fringe Pattern Phase Extraction, Placing a Focus on Real-Time 3D Imaging

Journal Number : 16 Autumn 2016

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1 Amir Hooshang Mazinan Assistant Professor PhD
2 Ali Esmaeili Graduate M.Sc


The idea behind the research is to deal with real-time 3D imaging that may extensively be referred to the fields of medical science and engineering in general. It is to note that most effective non-contact measurement techniques can include the structured light patterns, provided in the surface of object for the purpose of acquiring its 3D depth. The traditional structured light pattern can now be known as the fringe pattern. In this study, the conventional approaches, realized in the fringe pattern analysis with applications to 3D imaging such as wavelet and Fourier transform are efficiently investigated. In addition to the frequency estimation algorithm in most of these approaches, additional unwrapping algorithm is needed to extract the phase, coherently. Considering problems regarding phase unwrapping of fringe algorithm surveyed in the literatures, a state-of-the-art approach is here organized to be proposed. In the aforementioned proposed approach, the key characteristics of the same conventional algorithms such as the frequency estimation and the Itoh algorithm are synchronously realized. At the end, the results carried out through the simulation programs have revealed that the proposed approach is able to extract image phase of simulated fringe patterns and correspondingly realistic patterns with high quality. Another advantage of this investigated approach is considered as its real-time application, while a significant part of operations might be executed in parallel.