Article Code : 13951124851564978(DOI : 10.7508/jist.2017.17.001)

Article Title : A New Calibration Method for SAR Analog-to-Digital Converters Based on All Digital Dithering

Journal Number : 17 Winter 2017

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1 Ebrahim Farshidi Professor PhD
2 Shabnam Rahbar Graduate M.Sc


In this paper a new digital background calibration method for successive approximation register analog to digital converters is presented. For developing, a perturbation signal is added and also digital offset is injected. One of the main advantages of this work is that it is completely digitally and eliminates the nonlinear errors between analog capacitor and array capacitors due to converter’s capacitors mismatch error by correcting the relative weights. Performing of this digital dithering method does not require extra capacitors or double independent converters and it will eliminate mismatches caused by these added elements. Also, No extra calibration overhead for complicated mathematical calculation is needed. It unlike split calibration, does not need two independent converters for production of two specified paths and it just have one capacitor array which makes it possible with simple architecture. Furthermore, to improve DNL and INL and correct the missing code error, sub radix-2 is used in the converter structure. Proposed calibration method is implemented by a 10 bit, 1.87-radix SAR converter. Simulation results with MATLAB software show great improvement in static and dynamic characteristics in applied analog to digital converter after calibration. So, it can be used in calibration of successive approximation register analog to digital converters.