Article Code : 139512031514435085(DOI : 10.7508/jist.2017.20.004)

Article Title : Analysis of Imperfect Space Channel for the Next Generation Satellite Networks

Journal Number : 20 Autumn 2017

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1 pedram hajipour - PhD.Student
2 Ali shahzadi Assistant Professor PhD


An efficient space data management is imperative in guaranteeing the best performance with a fair distribution of next generation satellite networks. Therefore, one of the major challenges of implementing this kind of future satellite networks is evaluation any untrusted error for the best Quality of Service (QoS). Therefore, Bit Error Rate (BER) criteria based on the type of space channel which it can be defined prefect or imperfect state between satellites and ground stations seems to be a major challenge for space communication. In this paper, the authors provide a bandwidth sharing algorithm for a proposed future satellite networks under multi-beam prototype. This structure has many antennas in transmitter and receiver sides (satellite and ground stations) which they will be communication together based on space data. Using the above framework, the coverage probability and MIMO capacity for a typical multi-beam satellite system is compared with a single antenna for satellite and multi-antenna for area side coverage based on input parameters such as path loss and Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR), respectively. Finally, the bit error rate based on imperfect channel estimation is obtained by employing 4-QAM and QPSK digital modulations and the number of antennas followed by a comparative analysis.