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Article Title : Representing a Model to Measure Absorbency Of Information Technology in Small And Medium Sized Enterprises

Journal Number : 20 Autumn 2017

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1 Mohammad taghi sadeghi Post Graduate Student Graduate Student
2 Farzad Movahedi Sobhani Assistant Professor PhD
3 Ali Rajabzade Ghatari Associate Professor PhD


With rapid development of information technology (IT) and further deepening of informationization construction, more and more enterprises have realized the strategic value of IT and made great investments in it. However, during the IT implementation process, decision-making, adaptation degree, and IT performance are often inferior to the anticipation. The assimilation of technology can be defined by the extent to which the use of Information technology spreads across organizational processes and becomes routinized in activities. Capabilities of information technology play crucial role in an ever-changing environment and are considered as one of the most important sources for enterprises while enterprises should acquire some effective capabilities so that they can effectively deploy and utilize information technology. The purpose of this investigation is to represent a model to measure absorbency of information technology in small and medium-sized enterprises. To do so, dimensions of the "absorbency of information technology" was determined through exploratory factor analysis in a survey research and confirmatory factor analysis was used to confirm model validity. Findings show that three dimensions are related to absorbency of information technology including the capability for innovative technology, Inside-Out IT capability and IT management capability, among which the capability for innovative technology has the highest correlation with the concept of absorbency of information technology.