Article Code : 139605221631287527(DOI : 10.7508/jist.2018.21.005)

Article Title : Publication Venue Recommendation Based on Paper’s Title and Co-authors Network

Journal Number : 21 Winter 2018

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List of Authors

  Full Name Email Grade Degree Corresponding Author
1 Ramin Safa Post Graduate Student PhD
2 SeyedAbolghasem Mirroshandel Assistant Professor PhD
3 Soroush Javadi Graduate M.Sc
4 Mohammad Azizi Graduate M.Sc


Information overload has always been a remarkable topic in scientific researches, and one of the available approaches in this field is employing recommender systems. With the spread of these systems in various fields, studies show the need for more attention to applying them in scientific applications. Applying recommender systems to scientific domain, such as paper recommendation, expert recommendation, citation recommendation and reviewer recommendation, are new and developing topics. With the significant growth of the number of scientific events and journals, one of the most important issues is choosing the most suitable venue for publishing papers, and the existence of a tool to accelerate this process is necessary for researchers. Despite the importance of these systems in accelerating the publication process and decreasing possible errors, this problem has been less studied in related works. So in this paper, an efficient approach will be suggested for recommending related conferences or journals for a researcher’s specific paper. In other words, our system will be able to recommend the most suitable venues for publishing a written paper, by means of social network analysis and content-based filtering, according to the researcher’s preferences and the co-authors’ publication history. The results of evaluation using real-world data show acceptable accuracy in venue recommendations.