Article Code : 13960620043198008(DOI : 10.7508/jist.2018.21.002)

Article Title : Clustering for Reduction of Energy Consumption in Wireless Sensor Networks by AHP Method

Journal Number : 21 Winter 2018

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  Full Name Email Grade Degree Corresponding Author
1 Mohammad Reza Taghva Associate Professor PhD
2 Robab Hamlbarani Haghi Assistant Professor PhD
3 Aziz Hanifi Professor PhD
4 Kamran feizi Professor PhD


Due to the type of applications, wireless sensor nodes must always be energy efficient and small. Hence, some studies have been done in order to the reduction in energy consumption. Data collection in wireless sensor networks is one of the most important operations of these networks. Due to the energy limitation of nodes, energy efficiency is considered as a key objective in the design of sensor networks. In this paper, we present a method in which, in the first phase, nodes obtain their position by using the position of the base station and two other two nodes informed geographic position and are out of covered environment. In the second phase, the optimal location of the base station is determined. In the third phase, we determine the cluster heads based on the criteria such as the remaining energy, the distance (the distance from the cluster head and the distance from the base station), the number of neighbors (the one-step neighbors and the two-step neighbors) and the centrality. Using the multi-as criteria to select optimally cluster heads by decision making method. We implement the proposed method in the NS2 environment and evaluate its effect and compare it with the NEECP E-LEACH protocols. Simulation results show that by reducing energy consumption, the proposed method enhances the network life time expectancy. In addition it improves average packet delivery and the average delay.