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Article Title : Security enhancement of wireless sensor networks: A hybrid efficient encryption algorithm Approach

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Journal Number : 23 Summer 2018

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1 Omid Mahdi Ebadati Assistant Professor PhD
2 Farshad Eshghi Assistant Professor PhD
3 Amin Zamani Post Graduate Student M.E


Wireless sensor networks are new technologies that are used for various purposes such as environmental monitoring, home security, industrial process monitoring, healthcare programs and etc. The involvement of wireless communication technology also acquires different types of security threats. Wireless sensor networks are vulnerable to various attacks. Cryptography is one of the methods for secure transmission of information between sensors in wireless sensor networks. Security can be established in each layer of application, network, data link, and physical layer. In an encryption scheme, the information or message set to be transmitted using an encryption algorithm change so, that it can only be read by decrypting. A complete and secure encryption system must establish three principles of confidentiality, authentication and integrity. An encryption algorithm alone cannot provide all the principles of encryption. A hybrid encryption algorithm, consisting of symmetric and asymmetric encryption algorithms, provides complete security for a cryptographic system. The papers presented in this area over the last few years, and a new secure algorithm present with regard to the limitations of wireless sensor networks, which establishes three principles of cryptography. The details of the algorithm and basic concepts are presented in such a way that the algorithm can be operational and showed a very high efficiency in compare to the current proposed methods.