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Article Title : Polar Split Tree as a Search Tool in Telecommunication

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Journal Number : 23 Summer 2018

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1 Farzad Bayat - PhD.Student
2 Zahra Nilforoushan Assistant Professor PhD


Tree search algorithms are vital for the search methods in structured data. The core of such algorithms is nodes, which can be taken from a data structure. One famous tree data structure is split tree. In this paper, to compute the split tree in polar coordinates, a method has been introduced. Assuming that the algorithm inputs (in form of points) have been distributed in the form of a circle or part of a circle, polar split tree can be used. For instance, we can use these types of trees to transmit radio and telecommunication waves from host stations to the receivers and to search the receivers. Since we are dealing with the figures which are approximately circular, it is better to use polar coordinates. Furthermore there are several researches by search algorithms for the central anchor which leads to the assignment of a virtual polar coordinate system. In this paper, firstly the structure of Cartesian split tree will be explained and then the polar split tree will be implemented. Eventually, by doing nearest neighbor search experiments, we will compare the polar split tree and polar quad tree in terms of searching time and amount of distance to the closest neighbor and in the end, better results will be achieved.