Article Code : 13970828165669(DOI : 10.7508/jist.2018.04.005)

Article Title : A Novel Method for Image Encryption Using Modified Logistic Map

Journal Number : 24 Autumn 2018

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1 ardalan Ghasemzadeh Faculty Member PhD
2 Omid R.B. Speily Faculty Member PhD


With the development of the internet and social networks, the interest on multimedia data, especially digital images, has been increased among scientists. Due to their advantages such as high speed as well as high security and complexity, chaotic functions have been extensively employed in images encryption. In this paper, a modified logistic map function was proposed, which resulted in higher scattering in obtained results. Confusion and diffusion functions, as the two main actions in cryptography, are not necessarily performed respectively, i.e. each of these two functions can be applied on the image in any order, provided that the sum of total functions does not exceed 10. In calculation of sum of functions, confusion has the coefficient of 1 and diffusion has the coefficient of 2. To simulate this method, a binary stack is used. Application of binary stack and pseudo-random numbers obtained from the modified chaotic function increased the complexity of the proposed encryption algorithm. The security key length, entropy value, NPCR and UICA values and correlation coefficient analysis results demonstrate the feasibility and validity of the proposed method. Analyzing the obtained results and comparing the algorithm to other investigated methods clearly verified high efficiency of proposed method.