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Article Title : Retinal Vessel Extraction Using Dynamic Threshold And Enhancement Image Filter From Retina Fundus

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1 erwin erwin Associate Professor PhD
2 Tomi Kiyatmoko Graduate Graduate Student


In the diagnosis of retinal disease, Retinal vessels become an important role in determining certain diseases. Retina vessels are an important element with a variety of shapes and sizes, each human blood vessel also can determine the disease with various types, but the feasibility of the pattern of retinal blood vessels is very important for the advanced diagnosis process in medical retina such as detection, identification and classification. Improvement and improvement of image quality in this case is very important by focusing on extracting or segmenting the retinal veins so that parameters such as accuracy, specifications, and sensitivity can be obtained that are better and meet the advanced system. Therefore we conducted experiments in order to develop extraction of retinal images to obtain binary images of retinal vessels in the medical world using Dynamic Threshold and Butterworth Bandpass Filter. Using a database DRIVE Accuracy of 94.77%, sensitivity of 54.48% and specificity of 98.71%.