Article Code : 13980211179043(DOI : 10.7508/jist.2019.01.006)

Article Title : Assessing the Company's E-Readiness for Implementing Mobile-CRM System

Journal Number : 25 Winter 2019

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1 Alireza Kamanghad Graduate PhD
2 Gholamreza Hashemzade Associate Professor PhD
3 Mohammadali Afshar kazemi Associate Professor PhD
4 Nosratollah Shadnoosh Assistant Professor PhD


In today’s world, most of companies are trying to survive in a competitive environment which has been increased in recent years. This competition has raised the customer power to select desired products and services among different suppliers and providers. So the importance of customer satisfaction and loyalty has been increased dramatically for companies and businesses. This is more important for distributor companies who deal with a lot of customers in a B2B market. Mobile-CRM has emerged new opportunities on customer satisfaction and can play as an efficient tool that will make great adjustments, savings and benefits for companies to provide better services for customers and have more retain customers. But implementing a Mobile-CRM system is a complicated large project that affects all aspects of an organization and needs a huge investment which increases the risk of failure. To avoid this risk, the assessing of company’s E-Readiness before starting main project is necessary. In this research we have used VERDICT model as a suitable model for assessing E-Readiness of a company willing to implement a Mobile-CRM system. A large distributor company is the case study of this research. The research is conducted based on a descriptive-survey method using questionnaire tools for extracting the experts' opinion and determining the company’s E-Readiness level.