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Article Title : Cooperative Game Approach for Mobile Primary User Localization Based on Compressive Sensing in Multi-antenna Cognitive Sensor Networks

Journal Number : 26 Spring 2019

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1 Maryam Najimi Assistant Professor PhD


We propose the problem of joint spectrum sensing and determining the mobile primary user location based on compressive sensing in cognitive sensor networks which saving energy is a crucial issue. By utilizing compressive sensing, the ratio of measurement for the sensing nodes is considerably reduced. So, the energy consumption is improved significantly in spectrum sensing. We also consider the multi-antenna sensors to save more energy. On the other hand, multi-antenna sensor utilization is a proper solution instead of applying more sensors. We formulate the problem of network lifetime maximization and finding the mobile primary user position by sensor selection under the detection performance and accuracy of localization constraints. For this purpose, we propose a cooperative game to study this problem. It is shown that with the proposed game, the network lifetime is maximized while sensors which participate in spectrum sensing and primary user localization are determined. Simulation results show that the network lifetime is improved while the detection performance constraint is satisfied and the location of the primary user is determined with high accuracy