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Article Title : A Study of Fraud Types, Challenges and Detection Approaches in Telecommunication

Journal Number : 28 Autumn 2019

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1 Kasra Babaei Post Graduate Student Graduate Student
2 ZhiYuan Chen Assistant Professor PhD
3 Tomas Maul Associate Professor PhD


Fraudulent activities have been rising globally resulting companies losing billions of dollars that can cause severe financial damages. Various approaches have been proposed by researchers in different applications. Studying these approaches can help us obtain a better understanding of the problem. The aim of this paper is to investigate different aspects of fraud prevention and detection in telecommunication. This study presents a review of different fraud categories in telecommunication, the challenges that hinder the detection process, and some proposed solutions to overcome them. Also, the performance of some of the state-of-the-art approaches is reported followed by our guideline and recommendation in choosing the best metrics.