Article Code : 13981015204510(DOI : 10.7508/jist.2019.04.007)

Article Title : Reallocation of Virtual Machines to Cloud Data Centers to Reduce Service Level Agreement Violation and Energy Consumption Using the FMT Method

Journal Number : 28 Autumn 2019

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1 Hojjat Farrahi Farimani Graduate PhD
2 Davoud Bahrepour Associate Professor PhD
3 Seyed Reza Kamel Tabbakh Assistant Professor PhD
4 reza Ghaemi Assistant Professor PhD


Due to the increased use of cloud computing services, cloud data centers are in search of solutions in order to better provide the services demanded by their users. Virtual machine consolidation is an appropriate solution to the trade-off between power consumption and service level agreement violation. The present study aimed to identify low, medium, and high load identification techniques, as well as the energy consumption and SLAv to minimize. In addition to the reduced costs of cloud providers, these techniques enhance the quality of the services demanded by the users. To this end, reallocation of resources to physical hosts was performed at the medium load level using a centralized method to classify the physical hosts. In addition, quartile was applied in each medium to reduce the energy consumption parameters and violation level. The three introduced SMT - NMT and FMT methods for reallocation of resources were tested and the best results were compared with previous methods.The proposed method was evaluated using the Cloudsim software with real Planet Lab data and five times run, the simulation results confirmed the efficiency of the proposed algorithm, which tradeoff between decreased the energy consumption and service level of agreement violation (SLAv) properly.