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Article Title : Farsi Font Detection using the Adaptive RKEM-SURF Algorithm

Journal Number : 31 Summer 2020

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  Full Name Email Grade Degree Corresponding Author
1 Zahra Hossein-Nejad Post Graduate Student M.Sc
2 Hamed Agahi Assistant Professor PhD
3 Azar Mahmoodzadeh Assistant Professor PhD


Farsi font detection is considered as the first stage in the Farsi optical character recognition (FOCR) of scanned printed texts. To this aim, this paper proposes an improved version of the speeded-up robust features (SURF) algorithm, as the feature detector in the font recognition process. The SURF algorithm suffers from creation of several redundant features during the detection phase. Thus, the presented version employs the redundant keypoint elimination method (RKEM) to enhance the matching performance of the SURF by reducing unnecessary keypoints. Although the performance of the RKEM is acceptable in this task, it exploits a fixed experimental threshold value which has a detrimental impact on the results. In this paper, an Adaptive RKEM is proposed for the SURF algorithm which considers image type and distortion, when adjusting the threshold value. Then, this improved version is applied to recognize Farsi fonts in texts. To do this, the proposed Adaptive RKEM-SURF detects the keypoints and then SURF is used as the descriptor for the features. Finally, the matching process is done using the nearest neighbor distance ratio. The proposed approach is compared with recently published algorithms for FOCR to confirm its superiority. This method has the capability to be generalized to other languages such as Arabic and English.