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Article Title : Localization of Blockchain and E-Currency Model for E-Government Services

Journal Number : 31 Summer 2020

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  Full Name Email Grade Degree Corresponding Author
1 Maryam Niknezhad Post Graduate Student PhD
2 Sajjad Shokouhyar Assistant Professor PhD
3 Mehrzad Minouei Professor PhD


Blockchain can reduce bureaucracy and increase the efficiency and performance of administrative processes through a platform possessing features and attributes such as storing and exchanging electronic messages in a decentralized environment and executing high level of security transactions and transparency, if used in government public service delivery. Many scholars believe that this distributed technology can bring new utilizations to a variety of industries and fields, including finance and banking, economics, supply chain, and authentication and increase economic productivity and efficiency dramatically by transforming many industries in the context of today's economy. The present study, presents the characteristics of the localized blockchain and e-currency conceptual model for the evolution of e-government services. It also examines the impact of the blockchain and e-currency model on the economy and electronic financial transactions as a viable, practical and constructive solution (rather than blocking and filtering of e-currency and blockchain). Ultimately designing a localized block chain and e-currency model, has played an effective role in exploit its high potential to speed up the administrative processes and reduce costs related to electronic transactions and payments in e-government and increase e-government revenues and ultimately it can speed up the customer service delivery and increase their satisfaction with the government.