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Article Title : Sailor Localization in Oceans Beds using Genetic and Firefly Algorithm

Journal Number : 31 Summer 2020

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1 Shruti Gupta SHRUTIGUPTA.IT@GMAIL.COM Professor PhD
2 Dr Ajay Rana Professor PhD
3 Dr Vineet Kansal Professor PhD


The Localization is the core element in Wireless Sensor Network WSN, especially for those nodes without GPS or BDS; leaning towards improvement, based on its effective and increased use in the past decade. Localization methods are thus very important for estimating the position of relative nodes in the network allowing a better and effective network for increasing the efficiency and thus increasing the lifeline of the network. Determining the current limitations in FA that are applied for solving different optimization problems is poor exploitation capability when the randomization factor is taken large during firefly changing position. This poor exploitation may lead to skip the most optimal solution even present in the vicinity of the current solution which results in poor local convergence rate that ultimately degrades the solution quality. This paper presents GEFIR (GenFire) algorithm to calculate position of unknown nodes for the fishermen in the ocean. The proposed approach calculates the position of unknown nodes, the proposed method effectively selects the anchor node in the cluster head to reduce the energy dissipation. Major benefits over other similar localization algorithms are a better positioning of nodes is provided and average localization error is reduced which eventually leads to better efficiency thus optimize the lifetime of the network for sailors. The obtained results depict that the proposed model surpasses the previous generation of localization algorithm in terms of energy dispersion and location estimation which is suitable for fishermen on the ocean bed.