Article Code : 139307291552312777(DOI : 10.7508/jist.2013.03.004)

Article Title : Optimal Sensor Scheduling Algorithms for Distributed Sensor Networks

Journal Number : 3 Summer 2013

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1 Behrooz Safarinejadian Assistant Professor PhD
2 Abdolah Rahimi - M.Sc


In this paper, a sensor network is used to estimate the dynamic states of a system. At each time step, one (or multiple) sensors are available that can send its measured data to a central node, in which all of processing is done. We want to provide an optimal algorithm for scheduling sensor selection at every time step. Our goal is to select the appropriate sensor to reduce computations, optimize the energy consumption and enhance the network lifetime. To achieve this goal, we must reduce the error covariance. Three algorithms are used in this work: sliding window, thresholding and randomly chosen algorithms. Moreover, we will offer a new algorithm based on circular selection. Finally, a novel algorithm for selecting multiple sensors is proposed. Performance of the proposed algorithms is illustrated with numerical examples.