List of Articles

Vol. 4 No. 8 Autumn 2020

  Article Code Article Title DOI List of Authors Files
1 13990603249094 Using Decision Lattice Analysis to Model IOT-based Companies’ profit
Nazanin Talebolfakhr
Seyed Babak Ebrahimi
Donya Rahmani
2 13990503238487 AI based Computational Trust Model for Intelligent Virtual Assistant
Babu Kumar
Ajay Vikram Singh
Parul Agarwal
3 13990521248877 IT Capability Evaluation through the IT Capability Map
Mina Ranjbarfard
Seyedeh Reyhaneh Mirsalari
4 13990710249928 Using Static Information of Programs to Partition the Input Domain in Search-based Test Data Generation
Atieh Monemi Bidgoli
Hasan Haghighi
5 13990511248677 An Effective Method of Feature Selection in Persian Text for Improving the Accuracy of Detecting Request in Persian Messages on Telegram
zahra khalifeh zadeh
Mohammad Ali Zare Chahooki
6 13991012251532 An Approach to Improve the Quality of Service in DTN and Non-DTN based VANET
Ahmad Sarlak
Yousef Darmani
7 13981203225555 Low Complex Standard Conformable Transceiver based on Doppler Spread for DVB-T2 Systems
Saeed Ghazi-Maghrebi
Behnam Akbarian

Vol. 3 No. 8 Summer 2020

  Article Code Article Title DOI List of Authors Files
1 13980927204109 Optical Power Distributions for 4×4 MIMO Visible Light Communications in Indoor Environment
lwaa abdulameer
Ahmed Hassan
Aliaa T. Obeed
Aya N. Dahir
2 13990313237571 Providing a Network for Measuring the Dynamics Volatility Connectedness of Oil and Financial Markets
Nasser Gholami
Teymor Mohammadi
Hamid Amadeh
Morteza Khorsandi
3 13981227236129 Localization of Blockchain and E-Currency Model for E-Government Services
Maryam Niknezhad
Sajjad Shokouhyar
Mehrzad Minouei
4 13990210236883 Reliability Analysis of the Sum-Product Decoding Algorithm for the PSK Modulation Scheme
Hadi Khodaei Jooshin
Mahdi Nangir
5 13990502238484 Sailor Localization in Oceans Beds using Genetic and Firefly Algorithm
Shruti Gupta
Dr Ajay Rana
Dr Vineet Kansal
6 13981210235673 Farsi Font Detection using the Adaptive RKEM-SURF Algorithm
Zahra Hossein-Nejad
Hamed Agahi
Azar Mahmoodzadeh
7 13990519248843 Evaluation of Pattern Recognition Techniques in Response to Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy (CRT)
Mohammad Nejadeh
Peyman Bayat
Jalal Kheirkhah
Hassan Moladoust

Vol. 2 No. 8 Spring 2020

  Article Code Article Title DOI List of Authors Files
1 13980606191800 Body Field: Structured Mean Field with Human Body Skeleton Model and Shifted Gaussian Edge Potentials
Sara Ershadi-Nasab
Shohreh Kasaei
Esmaeil Sanaei
Erfan Noury
Hassan Hafez-kolahi
2 13981108215055 Recognizing Transliterated English Words in Persian Texts
Ali Hoseinmardy
Saeedeh Momtazi
3 13980714192736 A Two-Stage Multi-Objective Enhancement for Fused Magnetic Resonance Image and Computed Tomography Brain Images
Leena Chandrashekar
A Sreedevi Asundi
4 13990109236252 Model of Technological, Managerial and Marketing Infrastructure for Intelligent Technology Efficiency in Telecommunication Industry - Case Study: Telecommunication Infrastructure Company of Ilam Province1
heshmat moradhaseli
jalal Haghighatmonfared
5 13980606191802 Complexity Reduction in Massive-MIMO-NOMA SIC Receiver in Presence of Imperfect CSI
Nilufar Tutunchi
Afrooz Haghbin
Behrad Mahboobi
6 13990112236290 An Autonomic Software Defined Network (SDN) Architecture With Performance Improvement Considering
Alireza shirmarz
ali ghaffari
7 13981001204200 Context-Based Expert Finding in Online Communities Using Ant Colony Algorithm
Mojtaba Sharifian
Neda Abdolvand
Saeedeh Rajaee Harandi

Vol. 1 No. 8 Winter 2020

  Article Code Article Title DOI List of Authors Files
1 13980903193614 A way to improve Adaptive Maintenance in Enterprise Architecture
Fereidoon shams Aliee
safura oviesi
2 13980726192957 Density Measure in Context Clustering for Distributional Semantics of Word Sense Induction
Masood Ghayoomi
3 13981211235686 Low-Complexity Iterative Detection for Uplink Multiuser Large-Scale MIMO
Mojtaba Amiri
Mahmoud Ferdosizade Naeiny
4 13980922204009 Effective Query Recommendation with Medoid-based Clustering using a Combination of Query, Click and Result Features
Elham Esmaeeli-Gohari
Sajjad Zarifzadeh
5 13981119215301 An Experimental Study on Performance of Text Representation Models for Sentiment Analysis
Sajjad Jahanbakhsh Gudakahriz
Amir Masoud Eftekhari Moghadam
Fariborz Mahmoudi
6 13980920203979 Using Residual Design for Key Management in Hierarchical Wireless Sensor Networks
Vahid Modiri
Hamid Haj Seyyed Javadi
Amir Masoud Rahmani
Mohaddese Anzani
7 13980713192707 A Novel Approach for Establishing Connectivity in Partitioned Wireless Sensor Networks Using Beamforming Techniques
Abbas Mirzaei
Shahram Zandian

Vol. 4 No. 7 Autumn 2019

  Article Code Article Title DOI List of Authors Files
1 13981028214772 Energy Efficient Clustering Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks
Maryam Bavaghar
Amin Mohajer
Sarah Taghavi Motlagh
2 13980822193438 A Study of Fraud Types, Challenges and Detection Approaches in Telecommunication
Kasra Babaei
ZhiYuan Chen
Tomas Maul
3 13981112215138 A Fast Machine Learning for 5G Beam Selection for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Applications
Wasswa Shafik
S.Mojtaba Matinkhah
Mohammad Ghasemzadeh
4 13980429190929 Investigate Network Simulation Tools in Designing and Managing Intelligent Systems
Fatemeh Fakhar
5 13980709192630 A New Capacity Theorem for the Gaussian Channel with Two-sided Input and Noise Dependent State Information
Nima Seyyed Anzabi-Nezhad
Ghosheh Abed Hodtani
6 13981006204334 Embedding Virtual Machines in Cloud Computing Based on Big Bang–Big Crunch Algorithm
Ali Ghaffari
Afshin Mahdavi
7 13981015204510 Reallocation of Virtual Machines to Cloud Data Centers to Reduce Service Level Agreement Violation and Energy Consumption Using the FMT Method
Hojjat Farrahi Farimani
Davoud Bahrepour
Seyed Reza Kamel Tabbakh
reza Ghaemi

Vol. 3 No. 7 Summer 2019

  Article Code Article Title DOI List of Authors Files
1 13980415190596 A New Non-Gaussian Performance Evaluation Method in Uncompensated Coherent Optical Transmission Systems
Seyed Sadra Kashef
Paeiz Azmi
2 13980903193613 BSFS: A Bidirectional Search Algorithm for Flow Scheduling in Cloud Data Centers
Hasibeh Naseri
Sadoon Azizi
Alireza Abdollahpouri
3 13971213177985 Balancing Agility and Stability of Wireless Link Quality Estimators
MohammadJavad Tanakian
Mehri Mehrjoo
4 13980303179643 SSIM-Based Fuzzy Video Rate Controller for Variable Bit Rate Applications of Scalable HEVC
Farhad Raufmehr
Mehdi Rezaei
5 13980804193091 DeepSumm: A Novel Deep Learning-Based Multi-Lingual Multi-Documents Summarization System
Shima Mehrabi
SeyedAbolghasem Mirroshandel
Hamidreza Ahmadifar
6 13980620192041 Social Groups Detection in Crowd by Using Automatic Fuzzy Clustering with PSO
Ali Akbari
Hassan Farsi
Sajad Mohammadzadeh
7 13980609191851 Facial Images Quality Assessment based on ISO/ICAO Standard Compliance Estimation by HMAX Model
Azamossadat Nourbakhsh
Mohammad-Shahram Moin
Arash Sharifi

Vol. 2 No. 7 Spring 2019

  Article Code Article Title DOI List of Authors Files
1 13980402190338 Wavelet-based Bayesian Algorithm for Distributed Compressed Sensing
Razieh Torkamani
Ramezan Ali Sadeghzadeh
2 13980417190651 Reliable resource allocation and fault tolerance in mobile cloud computing
Zahra Najafabadi Samani
Mohammad Reza Khayyam Bashi
3 13980824193477 Standard Deviation Characterization of a Small Size Reverberation Chamber by Using Full-wave Simulation and E-Field Probe
ehsan poodineh
Farhad Ghorbani
Reza Asadi
Hadi Aliakbarian
4 13980307189772 SGF (Semantic Graphs Fusion): A Knowledge-based Representation of Textual Resources for Text Mining Applications
Morteza Jaderyan
Hassan Khotanlou
5 13980314189939 Cooperative Game Approach for Mobile Primary User Localization Based on Compressive Sensing in Multi-antenna Cognitive Sensor Networks
Maryam Najimi
6 13980507191155 An Intelligent Autonomous System for Condition-Based Maintenance- Case Study: Control Valves
Hamidreza Naseri
Ali Shahidinejad
Mostafa Ghobaei-Arani
7 13980526191577 The Innovation Roadmap and Value Creation for Information Goods Pricing as an Economic Commodity
Hekmat Adelnia Najafabadi
Ahmadreza Shekarchizadeh
Akbar Nabiollahi
Naser Khani
Hamid Rastegari

Vol. 1 No. 7 Winter 2019

  Article Code Article Title DOI List of Authors Files
1 13971220178156 A Bias-reduced Solution for Target Localization with Distance-dependent Noises in Illuminator of Opportunity Passive Radar
Habib Rasi
Maryam Shirzadian Gilan
2 13970712164736 A Game Theory Based Dynamic Transmission Opportunity Adjustment in WLANs
Mahdieh Ghazvini
Kamal Jamshidi
Naser Movahedinia
3 13971115177384 Farsi Conceptual Text Summarizer: A New Model in Continuous Vector Space
Mohammad Ebrahim Khademi
Mohammad Fakhredanesh
Seyed Mojtaba Hoseini
4 13980210179015 Graph Based Feature Selection Using Symmetrical Uncertainty in Microarray Dataset
Soodeh Bakhshandeh
Reza Azmi
Mohammad Teshnehlab
5 13971116177403 A Novel Approach for Cluster Self-Optimization Using Big Data Analytics
Abbas Mirzaei
Amir Rahimi
6 13980211179043 Assessing the Company's E-Readiness for Implementing Mobile-CRM System
Alireza Kamanghad
Gholamreza Hashemzade
Mohammadali Afshar kazemi
Nosratollah Shadnoosh
7 13980114178440 A New VAD Algorithm using Sparse Representation in Spectro-Temporal Domain
Mohadeseh Eshaghi
Farbod Razzazi
Alireza Behrad

Vol. 4 No. 6 Autumn 2018

  Article Code Article Title DOI List of Authors Files
1 13971227178287 Retinal Vessel Extraction Using Dynamic Threshold And Enhancement Image Filter From Retina Fundus
erwin erwin
Tomi Kiyatmoko
2 13970817165457 A 2-bit Full Comparator Design with Minimum Quantum Cost Function in Quantum-Dot Cellular Automata
Davoud Bahrepour
Negin Maroufi
3 13970929166299 Long-Term Spectral Pseudo-Entropy (LTSPE): A New Robust Feature for Speech Activity Detection
Mohammad Rasoul kahrizi
Seyed jahanshah kabudian
4 13971108167191 DBCACF: A Multidimensional Method for Tourist Recommendation Based on Users’ Demographic, Context and Feedback
Maral Kolahkaj
Ali Harounabadi
Alireza Nikravan shalmani
Rahim Chinipardaz
5 13970828165669 A Novel Method for Image Encryption Using Modified Logistic Map
ardalan Ghasemzadeh
Omid R.B. Speily
6 13970511154810153642 An SRN Based Approach for Performance Evaluation of Network Layer in Mobile Ad hoc Networks
meisam Yadollahzadeh tabari
Ali A Pouyan
7 13971018166751 Toward an Enhanced Dynamic VM Consolidation Approach for Cloud Datacenters Using Continuous Time Markov Chain
Monireh Hosseini Sayadnavard
Abolfazl Toroghi Haghighat

Vol. 3 No. 6 Summer 2018

  Article Code Article Title DOI List of Authors Files
1 13970230173915112283 Information Bottleneck and its Applications in Deep Learning
Hassan Hafez-Kolahi
Shohreh Kasaei
2 13970703164554 Improvement in Accuracy and Speed of Image Semantic Segmentation via Convolution Neural Network Encoder-Decoder
Hanieh Zamanian
Hassan Farsi
Sajad Mohammadzadeh
3 13970829165681 Handwritten Digits Recognition Using an Ensemble Technique Based on the Firefly Algorithm
Azar Mahmoodzadeh
Hamed Agahi
Marzieh Salehi
4 13970527182226163915 The Influence of ERP Usage on Organizational Learning: An Empirical Investigation
Faisal Aburub
5 1397061332650164178 Polar Split Tree as a Search Tool in Telecommunication
Farzad Bayat
Zahra Nilforoushan
6 13970707164616 A Multi-objective Multi-agent Optimization Algorithm for the Community Detection Problem
Amir Hossein Hosseinian
Vahid Baradaran
7 1396091420454219483 Security Enhancement of Wireless Sensor Networks: A Hybrid Efficient Encryption Algorithm Approach
Omid Mahdi Ebadati
Farshad Eshghi
Amin Zamani

Vol. 2 No. 6 Spring 2018

  Article Code Article Title DOI List of Authors Files
1 1396120518415480996 A Survey of Two Dominant Low Power and Long Range Communication Technologies
Yas Hosseini Tehrani
Seyed Mojtaba Atarodi
Ziba Fazel
2 13970205182652101806 A Novel User-Centric Method for Graph Summarization Based on Syntactical and Semantical Attributes
Nosratali Ashrafi Payaman
Mohammad Reza Kangavari
3 1396102514371950285 Modeling the Inter-arrival Time of Packets in Network Traffic and Anomaly Detection Using the Zipf’s Law
Ali Naghash-Asadi
Mohammad Abdollahi Azgomi
4 1397031216192112531 An Improved Sentiment Analysis Algorithm based on Appraisal Theory and Fuzzy Logic
Azadeh Roustakiani
Neda Abdolvand
Saeedeh Rajaee Harandi
5 139512061124415110 Toward Energy-Aware Traffic Engineering in Intra-Domain IP Networks Using Heuristic and Meta-Heuristics Approaches
Muharram Mansoorizadeh
6 139612221643101291 Lifetime Improvement Using Cluster Head Selection and Base Station Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks
Maryam Najimi
Sajjad Nankhoshki
7 13970326143614112780 Using Discrete Hidden Markov Model for Modelling and Forecasting the Tourism Demand in Isfahan
Khatereh Ghasvarian Jahromi
Vida Ghasvarian Jahromi

Vol. 1 No. 6 Winter 2018

  Article Code Article Title DOI List of Authors Files
1 1396050720957220 Confidence measure estimation for Open Information Extraction
Vahideh Reshadat
Maryam hourali
Heshaam Faili
2 13960620043198008 Clustering for Reduction of Energy Consumption in Wireless Sensor Networks by AHP Method
Mohammad Reza Taghva
Robab Hamlbarani Haghi
Aziz Hanifi
Kamran feizi
3 139607022153298225 Concatenating Approach: Improving the Performance of Data Structure Implementation
Davoud Mohammadpour
Ali Mahjur
4 13960728159208626 A New Set Covering Controller Placement Problem Model for Large Scale SDNs
Ahmad Jalili
Reza Akbari
Manijeh Keshtgari
5 139605221631287527 Publication Venue Recommendation Based on Paper’s Title and Co-authors Network
Ramin Safa
SeyedAbolghasem Mirroshandel
Soroush Javadi
Mohammad Azizi
6 13960821840219036 Eye Gaze Detection Based on Learning Automata by Using SURF Descriptor
Hassan Farsi
Reza Nasiripour
Sajad Mohammadzadeh
7 139606151959577949 Effective solving the One-Two Gap Problem in the PageRank algorithm
Javad Paksima
homa khajeh

Vol. 4 No. 5 Autumn 2017

  Article Code Article Title DOI List of Authors Files
1 139604312033407111 Design and Implementation of an Ultra-Wide Band, High Precision, and Low Noise Frequency Synthesizer
Yas Hosseini Tehrani
Nasser Masoumi
2 139506021734183210 Analysis of expert finding algorithms in social network in order to rank the top algorithms
Ahmad Agha Kardan
Behnam Bozorgi
3 139606191316447990 Lifetime Maximization by Dynamic Threshold and Sensor Selection in Multi-channel Cognitive Sensor Network
Asma Bagheri
Ataollah Ebrahimzadeh
Maryam Najimi
4 139512031514435085 Analysis of Imperfect Space Channel for the Next Generation Satellite Networks
pedram hajipour
Ali shahzadi
5 139604262353227031 Representing a Model to Measure Absorbency Of Information Technology in Small And Medium Sized Enterprises
Mohammad taghi sadeghi
Farzad Movahedi Sobhani
Ali Rajabzade Ghatari
6 139510231110454592 A Global-Local Noise Removal Approach to Remove High Density Impulse Noise
Ali Mohammad Fotouhi
Samane Abdoli
Vahid Keshavarzi
7 139512051028405104 ANFIS Modeling to Forecast Maintenance Cost of Associative Information Technology Services
reza Ehtesham Rasi
Leila Moradi

Vol. 3 No. 5 Summer 2017

  Article Code Article Title DOI List of Authors Files
1 13960203174625750 Representing a Content-based link Prediction Algorithm in Scientific Social Networks
hosna solaimannezhad
omid fatemi
2 139508262159253975 Investigating the Effect of Functional and Flexible Information Systems on Supply Chain Operation: Iran Automotive Industry
abbas zareian
Iraj Mahdavi
Hamed Fazlollahtabar
3 13960325037496515 Analysis of Business Customers’ Value Network Using Data Mining Techniques
forough farazzmanesh
Monireh Hosseini
4 139506202137293340 De-lurking in Online Communities Using Repost Behavior Prediction Method
Omid R. B. Speily
5 139508181529533885 Good Index Choosing for Polarized Relay Channel
Hassan Tavakoli
saeid Pakravan
6 13950929132204235 A RFMV Model and Customer Segmentation Based on Variety of Products
Saman Qadaki Moghaddam
Neda Abdolvand
Saeedeh Rajaee Harandi
7 13950803192273717 Concept Detection in Images Using SVD Features and Multi-Granularity Partitioning and Classification
Kamran Farajzadeh
Esmail Zarezadeh
Jafar Mansouri

Vol. 2 No. 5 Spring 2017

  Article Code Article Title DOI List of Authors Files
1 139507271349593652 A Hybrid Cuckoo Search for Direct Blockmodeling
Saeed NasehiMoghaddam
Mehdi Ghazanfari
Babak Teimourpour
2 139511012331304677 Coreference Resolution Using Verbs Knowledge
hasan zafari
Maryam hourali
Heshaam Faili
3 139510141622424435 Mitosis detection in breast cancer histological images based on texture features using AdaBoost
Sooshiant Zakariapour
Hamid Jazayeriy
Mehdi Ezoji
4 139510151121234449 Crisis management using spatial query processing in wireless sensor networks
Mohammad Shakeri
Seyed Majid Mazinani
5 1395061719063321 Node Classification in Social Network by Distributed Learning Automata
Ahmad Rahnama Zadeh
Mohammad Reza Meybodi
Masoud Taheri Kadkhoda
6 139505062137112979 Improving Accuracy, Area and Speed of Approximate Floating-Point Multiplication Using Carry Prediction
marziye fathi
Hooman Nikmehr
7 13950906116254051 Improved Generic Object Retrieval In Large Scale Databases By SURF Descriptor
Hassan Farsi
Reza Nasiripour
Sajad Mohammadzadeh
8 139507012241153418 A Novel Resource Allocation Algorithm for Heterogeneous Cooperative Cognitive Radio Networks
Mehdi Ghamari Adian

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